FAQ/Common Questions

I am a wedding vendor and want to be on your vendor list. How can that happen?

I typically refer those vendors that I have worked with in the past and have developed a relationship built on trust, honesty, ethics, and are down-right FABULOUS! The only time I refer those who I haven’t worked with, is when they are well-known and referred by the VIPS in the industry. This is one of the most important parts of coordination. The vendors I refer to my brides have to be the BEST for them without a doubt.

How do I get started in a career in the event/wedding industry?

The best place to start is with learning everything you can about the industry. This means getting an intern position OR getting a part-time job working for a caterer who is busy in the wedding world, or a local venue. Don’t be afraid to take on small or beginner jobs to get your foot in the door. Experience means more than what you can learn online – so get out there and meet people!

I want to be a wedding planner like you – can you help me?

What I can do is give you this short quiz. If you say YES to having any of these attributes, you may want to reconsider your career choice. If you have all NO’s, then my best advice is to start working in a hotel banquet team, for a floral designer, for a caterer, or production company (pick ones that are BUSY and have good reputations). This will help you learn and meet the right people.

Yes OR No.

  • I have a social life, so having my weekends free are very important.
  • I have an EGO and can’t handle criticism. Some say my “skin” is too thin.
  • Being on my feet is very hard for me – especially over the course of 12 hours.
  • I don’t have EXTREME patience and have a difficult time in stressful situations.

If you had to say YES to any of these, you may want rethink your future. This career is a huge commitment and takes a certain personality, without a doubt. If you are the creative one – seek out working for a floral or event designer to focus on your strengths.

I would LOVE to work for Georgia – how do I do that?

Although, we are not currently hiring, we often need help on the spot or last minute. Please feel free to email me your resume and any other details you would like Georgia to see, ie. a photo(optional). We will keep it on file for 6 months.